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News - May 2021

April Meetings

We were treated to three meetings in April and they were all, in the different ways, highly enjoyable.

The first meeting, held on the 13th, an Improv Night with Jim Aitken as host. Jim asked for volunteers to perform an effect of their own choice in a randomly selected style. Jim himself, Jeff, James, Dave and Ivor all tentatively raised their hands. They performed in the styles of Sports Commentary; Parliamentary Candidate; Shakespeare Play; Film Trailer and Horror Movie.

After a short break, we discussed the other styles that Jim had suggested but were not selected and came up with possible effects that may fit the bill.

The second meeting was a lecture and dealer demonstration from Stevo Watson of Ace Magic Studios on the 20th. Stevo delivered an enthusiastic and energetic lecture and demonstration. He was very affable and interesting and the membership enjoyed it. There were some excellent and entertaining effects on offer at very reasonable prices; there was even a special discount for attendees of the meeting.

The concluding meeting of the month was all about Card Principles, held on 27th and hosted by Marcus Gordon (pictured when he was moody and hairy: Ed). Marcus led us through a terrific night, speaking about and demonstrating examples of the Gilbreath Principle, Alex Elmsley’s Penelope Principle, the McMillan Principle, etc. There were excellent contributions from Jim Aitken, Bill Seagraves, Ron Gordon (who spoke about MacTier’s “Card Concepts” and the use of thick cards, among other things) and James Dickson. There was plenty of other chat and discussion too making it a great night.



Due to the Covid-19 situation, our meetings are being held online. Please check out this site, our Facebook page and members' emails for further news.

There is a Society email list available, which James looks after. Contact him for all of the details.


This Month

We are back to just two meetings in May. We start on the 11th and just for a change we will be guests of Glasgow M.C. at their Presidents Night. Our very own President, Garry Seagraves, will of course be performing at the event. It should be marvellous! The 25th sees Cal Reed hosting an evening of "Bizarre/Spooky/Seasonal Magic". Plenty of scope for a great night there!


Lapsed or Errant Member?

Are you a former member of the Aberdeen Magical Society? Have you lost touch with any current members and want to re-establish ties? Then drop us an e-mail at mail@aberdeenmagic.com or click on contact us.

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